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Caravan A frame

The A Frame is the link to the car and it’s this important area is looked at carefully. Check the coupling and the damper pushing the coupling back look out for any lack of it returning. If the coupling doesn’t return a new damper is needed. Check the handbrake too, if it takes the whole brake to be pulled back the brake requires adjustment. Also jockey wheels are often damaged, and go missing, so a new one may be needed as it’s this useful item that helps you manoeuvre and jack the van up for levelling and hitching/unhitching.

The picture below shows an A frame which may be in need of attention and a new jockey wheel.

Caravan A frame

Caravan Chassis

By the early 80’s most tourers had galvanised chassis so rust wasn’t going to be the problem it had been in the past. However nothing is 100% maintenance free, so the corner steadies and running gear still need greasing and the jockey wheel should move up and down easily.

Caravan Chassis

Important Note

When you buy a used touring caravan it is absolutely vital that you check, or if you are not technically competent yourself have checked, the main safety features before you use the caravan. The bearings must be in good condition and be well greased, the tyres must be in good condition and the brakes working properly. Make sure that gas appliances are fully serviced and get a carbon monoxide alarm.

If the visible condition of the caravan indicates that it may not have been well maintained this may be a warning sign that more vital safety features have also not been properly maintained. Build the cost of servicing vital safety features into your budget and have them serviced before you use the caravan.

Consider buying Caravan Insurance

Before you tow your caravan ensure that you have a stabiliser properly fitted to the correct type of hitch. Familiarise yourself with the correct loading method and load your caravan correctly for towing.