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First Outing

You have bought your first caravan and the first outing could be a stressful experience but this needn't be the case. In the first of a series of pictorial beginners guides Andrew Jenkinson shows you how to organise your caravan so that you can enjoy your first outing free from family discord.

Caravanning is a simple pastime but the days of a gas cylinder and a water container and off you went is now a thing of the past, we take a simple guide to getting set up. Caravanning isn’t an art, it’s something which you learn about and how well you learn connects to how much you enjoy your hobby. Basic commonsense is the name of the game, don’t caravan in a strict regime but make the checks, and once you have been out with your tourer it will become second nature. Practice at the storage site or on your drive until you feel confident on site. We hope you find this simple write up of use as you take up one of the most popular forms of leisure in Europe.

Caravan set up

Once you’re on the caravan site and are happy with setting up its time to enjoy some relaxation time.

Some useful tips before you set off:

  • Load your caravan up correctly, ie heavy items at floor level and just over the axle line.
  • Check tyres are correct pressure
  • Check that any stabilility devices are in place and working
  • Don’t exceed the 60 mph on duel carriage ways and motorways
  • Don’t exceed the MTPLM – check this on a public weighbridge
  • Keep your nose weight within the limits of the tow car
  • Make sure your pride and joy is insured!

Our thanks to Bailey Caravans for the loan of the Pageant Series 7 – also our thanks to the wardens of West Ayton Caravan Club site near Scarborough North Yorkshire. Tel-01723-862989   

MTPLM = Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass

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