Beginners Guide




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First Outing - Hitching the Caravan

Caravan hitching up

Hitching up is straightforward enough but two make light work with one guiding the driver into position to enable the caravan coupling to drop onto the car making sure the green button on the top of the hitch shows indicating the caravan is hitched up.

Caravan connect lights

Connect road light plugs making sure they go in tightly, then if your caravan has one, now engaged the hitch stabiliser into lock and then add the safety cable around the tow ball. Make sure the jockey wheel is fully up and slotted into place beneath the draw bar. Note this hitch has a built in Al-Ko stabiliser fitted, if you buy an older caravan you will probably have to fit an aftermarket stabiliser.

Checking caravan lights

Once hitched up make sure that the road lights are working properly by getting someone to stand at the rear of the caravan and then tell them which lights you are testing so they can match up your actions.

Caravan being towed

Now your ready to take to the road – if you’re not used to towing then take your route easy and try and stay to main roads till you get used to the towing properties of your car and caravan.

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