Beginners Guide




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First Outing - Arrive at your caravan site

Arriving on caravan site

Book your site in advance so you are sure of getting a pitch for a weekend retreat. Once booked in at the site, its time to then check out pitch availability. Look for level and easy access pitches and where the sun will be at certain times of day so drive round slowly and check out where you most want to be. Some parks though will designate a pitch for you.

Find a nice flat pitch

Once you have found your ideal pitch check where you need to be with your caravan by the marker. This gravel pitch is relatively level and will drain well in wet weather.

Reversing caravan

In the old days it was a case of pitching your tourer by brute force; no reversing aids were readily available but now let the car do the work. Don’t be tempted to do this manoeuvre on your own if a complete novice. (I remember bashing a few rear road light lens I my time!) Get someone to stand at the rear but also to one side as well so the driver can see you waving your arms around!

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