Beginners Guide




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First Outing - Caravan square and level

Caravan on site

Easy does it – once relatively square on pitch then its unhitching the caravan from the car.

Unhitch the caravan

Put the caravan’s hand brake on, and then unclip safety wire.

Unplug caravan road lights

Then unplug the road light plugs.

Unclamp caravan jockey wheel

Then unclamp the jockey wheel to drop into place and then retightens.

Disengage caravan stabiliser

Disengage the stabiliser then proceed to wind the jockey wheel and holding on the coupling leaver.

Caravan coupling

The coupling should then just drop off the cars tow ball-then move car out of the way.

Caravan levelling

Next job is getting the caravan level, if the axle line is over to one side you will need to put a levelling block underneath to level it up, and then it’s a case of using the jockey wheel to lower or make higher the nose.

Caravan insurance leveler from Tesco

If you haven’t a level indicator then a washing up bottle will make a useful standby put on the floor by entrance door and adjust the levels again as needed.

Level caravan

Once satisfied with the correct level wind down the corner steadies so they press firmly into the ground, use wooden blocks as a firm surface for the leg to go on if you’re on grass.

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