Beginners Guide




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First Outing - Caravan connecting power

Caravan step

Have your step ready by the entrance door so you can get into the caravan.

Caravan power cable

Now setting up is another step to completing your pitching up, connect the battery the terminals are plainly marked like a car battery and in most cases here is the mains inlet socket to for the connection to mains electrics.

Caravan electricity supply

Plug and push home –otherwise you won’t get the power through.

Caravan power supply

Then take the other end of the lead and plug into the mains socket on the sites electric post for our pitch. On some sites a push, then click turn means you’re connected. You should now have full mains connection.

Caravan fridge

First thing is select the fridge power settings, the fridge runs on 12-volt for traveling and gas to if no mains is available. Select by the switch which you’re using, from the battery sign (when connected to the car) turn to the plug logo your fridge is now working on mains electrics.

Caravan fridge temperature

Then to set the coldness use the knob on the opposite side, to the setting you need, on the road I turn it up but once on site about halfway is right depending on the weather.

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