Beginners Guide




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First Outing - Caravan connecting water

Caravan waste water

Now connect for the water, first you will need to put under the waste water outlets a waste container-don’t get these mixed u with the fresh water one-different colours make this easy as well as writing on the containers.

Caravan water filter

You will need to connect the pump/filter and the water outlet on the caravan is clearly marked, push firmly in the connector, your now ready to add the drinking water supply.

Caravan rolla water

If you have a cylinder water container – these are the best – then you will need to clip the handles on, a fiddly job for in-experienced hands.

Caravan water collection

Once handle attached, then it’s off to the water point to fill up the container.

Caravan water points

Water points on sites are clearly marked and the appropriate tap should be used, waste water is also disposed of here.

Caravan water

A five minute wait for the water to fill, use the filler pipe provide if you cant get the container directly beneath.

Caravan water connection

Back at the caravan the water container is kept up-right and the water pump/filter connection should be pushed again to make sure a tight seal is provided.

Caravan fresh water

Put the other end of the connector in the water container and slide the small outlet cover down to stop bits dropping in to your drinking water.

Caravan water pump switch

Set the master 12-volt system switch on and then the water pump – this will then top up the hot water tank – this may take several minutes. –always keep a check though on your water supply in the container topping up rather than letting it run dry.

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