Beginners Guide




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First Outing - Caravan cassette loo

Caravan loo

Next job is to make the cassette loo operational, so you need to do some more water filling.

Caravan holding tank

Add water to the water holding tank, and fill up to near the brim.

Caravan pink rinse

Then add several lid full's of the pink rinse to the flush.

Caravan casette loo

Close the top and go into the caravan’s washroom and use the green fluid and again use a couple of lids full of fluid and add straight into the loo itself. Once in then just do a few water flushes, the loo is now ready for use.

Caravan toilet emptying

When the loo is getting full, a small light on the top comes on, close the loo up and take to the toilet emptying point.

Caravan loo casette

Open the hatch door and take the loo out

Caravan loo emptying

Then take away to the loo disposal point.

Caravan loo emptying point

Hold upright, then take off the lid on the emptying spout put the lid on the ground, not near the disposal point-many a lid has gone down there!

Caravan loo disposal

Next - finishing touches