Beginners Guide




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First Outing - Caravan finishing touches

Caravan gas regulator

Connect the gas and switch on the regulator.

Caravan roof vent

on warm days the large roof vent an be opened, but always shut again if rain is forecast and your out! Also check this before towing to.

Caravan window lock

Windows can be left on ventilation catch, but again always check they are shut before towing or leaving the van if away for a long time.

Caravan fire alarm

Check the fire alarm is working or has a battery in.

Caravan relaxing

Now sit back and enjoy!

It's an easy thing to do but don't forget to fit whatever security devices your caravan insurer requires. Some, such as Caravanwise Caravan Insurance only require a hitch lock or a wheel clamp when the caravan is left unhitched and unattended. Other policies are much more stringent so read the small print. If you have received a caravan insurance discount because you have an alarm or tracker fitted you must ensure that these are activated when you leave the caravan unattended.

Don't forget to fit your security devices

Our thanks to Bailey Caravans for the loan of the Pageant Series 7 – also our thanks to the wardens of West Ayton Caravan Club site near Scarborough North Yorkshire. Tel-01723-862989