Touring Caravan Insurance




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Tourer Caravan Insurance

When you buy your pre-owned caravan you may wish to insure it. Your caravan is a major investment and insurance can cover you against losses including theft and damage to the caravan. There is no legal requirement for you to insure your caravan seperately if your car insurance covers it for liability to others while being towed but this is the minimum legal requirement and does not cover you for theft or for any damage to the caravan. See note below about contacting your car insurer to confirm that you have this cover. Caravan insurance does not cover you for liability whilst the caravan is hitched to your car but it does provide cover for fire, theft and accidental damage at other times and for liabilities to others when it is not connected to your car.

It is well worth getting a caravan insurance quote from our sister site Caravanwise. Full details of cover and an easy instant quotation is available from the site.

Some of your caravan contents, things like clothing and other personal possessions that you take to your caravan from your home may be covered on your home contents policy as "personal possessions away from the home", check with your home insurer as this can save you money on your caravan policy.

NOTE: We strongly recomend that you speak to your car insurer to check that your car insurance does not exclude towing a caravan or trailer. Most do provide this legal minimum cover but some don't and driving without insurance is an offence which is taken seriously by the Police and insurers. You will also need to check that your driving licence is applicable to the size of caravan you wish to tow. See this Direct Gov page for more details.

Folding Camper Insurance

If you are buying a folding caravan, trailer tent or require folding camper insurance then go here.