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Thinking of Buying a Caravan, Get Some Help First

The credit crunch and resulting UK recession coupled with poor Euro-Pound exchange rates means that ever more people will be looking for a cheap alternative to a European holiday this year. Indications are that many families will consider caravanning for the first time and many of these will go out a buy their first caravan. The new web site,, aims to help them find a safe investment for their first caravan.

Christchurch, Dorset UK July 9, 2009 -- Buying a used caravan can be a minefield for the inexperienced and finding a good one can be a daunting task but help is at hand. The well known writer and caravan expert Andrew Jenkinson has been commissioned by Caravanwise (the Caravan Insurance Specialist) to produce a series of illustrated articles with the sole aim of helping first time caravan buyers to avoid the pitfalls and find themselves a good sound and most importantly safe caravan for a reasonable price. These articles and photographs have been pulled together as a web site Caravan Tourer to provide a free resource to potential caravan buyers to make them aware of what to look for before they commit.

As Andrew Jenkinson says, "Buying any used caravan or any vehicle for that matter can become a daunting task-choosing the right one at the right price and making sure that you get a good buy for your money and also you simply don't get ripped off! Well here we have a guide to help you chose a tourer that isn't a rotting shed on wheels. Although your budget will be the main decider on the condition of tourer you choose, even the later model years on the used forecourt will need some closer examination."

Phil Holden, Managing Director of Caravanwise the Caravan Insurance Specialist says "I have to admit that our primary aim in putting this site together is to try and ensure that caravanners are safe. A beneficial side effect of this is that safe caravanners tend to make less claims on their insurance. We hope that potential clients will find this new web site useful and who knows perhaps some of them will ask us for a quote.

Let Clarkson and the Hamster have the rot boxes to play with and lets get hard working families good safe caravans that will provide cost effective holidays for years to come."

There are some bargains to be had and excellent used caravans available. This new web site Caravan Tourer will help you to avoid some that might end up costing far more in repair costs than the new owner was bargaining for.