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A mini adventure - The K Victor Mini 1973

Back in the 60’s and early 70’s the Mini car was seen as a potential towcar for budget conscious families. Few of these survive today, but one man found a rare example – and couldn’t resist its compact charms

Victor mini caravan ad

The brochure for 1973 described the Victor as a Mini Breakthrough-Pun intended. 

The K Victor Mini
Year: 1973
Price new: £485
Length: 3 m
Width: 1.52 m
Unladen Weight: 356 kgs
Payload: 152 kgs

Maker; Victor Caravans / Bradford distributed by Kenmore Caravans Ltd Bradford.

Victor mini caravan side

Mr Brices Victor Mini is in excellent condition, note Mini car wheels fitted.

Its not often you come across a rare little tourer such as the Victor caravan but avid caravan user Mr Brice in Hampshire found and bought this super classic as soon as he laid eyes on it back in February 2006. The Victor caravan was built from 1972 to late 1974 in two and four berth formats. These micro tourers were built for towing with the then BMC Mini car – even the Victors wheels were interchangeable with the car.

rear view of Victor Caravan

Rear of the year? It’s small and cute the go virtually anywhere tourer.

Made in a V roof or flat roof design the latter being Mr Brice’s the Victor could sleep four using bunks width ways above the two single beds/ front dinette. The basic design saw items such as a wardrobe, sink and two burner hob and grill. You also got a gas point to attach a fire, while a water pump and fire extinguisher were also included in the spec. When they were being built they were a niche market so sales were low, but were sure more must survive.

Interior of Victor caravan

Interior walls have been re-lined, note the absence of any shelf or roof lock storage-caravanners travelled light 32 years ago.

We don’t know how many Victor Minis were built, but a guess of around 200 max wouldn’t be far wrong. Mr Brice is a lone caravanner and finds the Victor ideal for his needs, plus it’s a rare classic to boot. One request from Mr Brice is simply this-are there any other Victor Mini owners out their? If so can you contact him via this website. It’s a cute looking tourer the Victor and Kenmore Caravans are still going as a dealership, but if you see Mr Brice give him a wave and a smile!

mini caravan

With the restrictive towing rights on newly earned driving licences perhaps we are seeing a vision of the future.

Our thanks to Mr Brice for his time and also to the wardens at Morn Hill Caravan Club site near Winchester for their co-operation.