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Caravan Carpets & Floors

Touring caravan carpets were never designed to withstand lots of foot traffic and with such colours as dusty pink being commonly used they show stains very easily. Check for this because by the time you have messed about cleaning a badly stained carpet it can be better to simply replace it.

Badly stained caravan carpet

If the carpet does need replacing do one other check, see if the floor feels springy to walk on. Check by the door and kitchen areas, where foot traffic is at its heaviest. If this is the case the floor is in need of repair which involves taking the carpet out so do this first before getting a new carpet laid. If the floor has delaminated and been repaired, check that this has been done properly and that there are no lumps are present and the carpet has been put back right.

Check for spongy floor

If the caravan floor feels fine to walk on it may be that the floor is still in original condition but to check if the floor has seen some repair look under the bed lockers where a different carpet pattern to the main living area may be spotted. This may indicate that the floor has been repaired and the original carpet damaged in the process, so replaced.

Different coloured carpet may indicate a repair