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Caravan cupboards and work surfaces

Caravan worktops are strong and durable in most cases but even accidents that happen can push the strength to the limits. This worktop in the picture has seen some heavy item dropped on it, perhaps a tin of beans, which has damaged the unit – this could be filled in or replaced but again older models will be harder to find a matching piece. This kind of damage often occurs when heavy things fall out of cupboards when the caravan is being towed.

As an important aside, it is very bad practice to leave heavy things in top cupboards when you are towing. Not only can they do serious damage when they fall out but much more importantly heavy items in top cupboards can make the caravan unstable which in extreme circumstances can cause it to roll. Learn how to pack your caravan correctly.

Caravan worktop - damaged

Damaged panels on furniture doors can be easily stuck back into position. Over the years some maker’s furniture panels do come away with age and need to be repaired. But it’s not a major problem but any deal struck should include this repair being carried out before you take ownership of the caravan. If you have to do the work yourself then use this to negotiate a discount.

Damaged furniture panels

Sun can attack the woodwork and again its older tourers that suffer most. Check furniture edging where users have over the years brushed the side and in turn taken off the photo veneer. But it’s the sun that does the main damage.

Faded caravan cupboards