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Caravan water ingress and damp

Check for water ingress coming into the window bases ( it will be black beneath the seal whilst also checking that the plastic surround hasn’t become damaged by sunlight and buckled and split.

Check window seals for water ingress


The dread of any caravanner or motorhome owner come to that, the seals over the years deteriorate and can let in water. This ca ncontinue for some time before becoming evident. Check corners and especially inside washrooms. Damp can be treated at its early stages by drying the affected area then resealing and again possibly replacing the damaged wall-board. Bad damp where the wall is all stained and possibly smelling is a sure sign of a caravan that is in need of serious and potentially expensive repairs.

Caravan water ingress

Checking for damp inside the roof lockers can be done by pressing your thumb into the wall-board. Check for spongy feel also look for pin-holes which means damp is present. The wall and ceiling join is the most likely place where damp can be detected. If the area was spongy but has become hard it’s dried out, check outside and see if a new sealant repair has been carried out.

Caravan damp check in cupboards