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Caravan age and ID

Used caravans are not always easy to date, so check out the makers plate usually by the entrance door look for serial numbers and also the vans weights will usually be displayed too. If it’s not by the entrance door check the front A-frame, on some imported makes it’s placed here.

Caravan ID plate

Insurance Note

If the caravan has been stolen the ID plate may have been tampered with. If there is any sign of tampering you would be wise to shy away. All UK caravans built since 1992 were CRiS registered by the manufacturers. The ID number was etched onto the windows using a dot system and an electronic tag was hidden somewhere within the body of the caravan. You should check that the number on the ID plate matches that on the windows.

If you are serious about buying a particular caravan you really must have an HPI check done before you part with your money. At the time of writing this can be done for a reasonable fee, around £16. Full details of what the HPI check does is provided here Caravan HPI Check.

You will not be able to insure your caravan if it does not have an ID number. Also remember if you do unknowingly buy a stolen caravan it can be recovered by the rightful owner. There are some tips to avoid buying a stolen caravan on Ebay here.

Understanding the ID number

From 1992 a 17 digit serial number was employed on all UK manufactured caravans.


SG = Manufactured in UK by Avondale
A = Avondale
S = Single Axle (T for Twin)
000 = Identifier for manufacturer use.
AV = Manufacturer NCC code Avondale
8 = 2008
0001234 = Serial number of caravan

The year dates used between 1992 and 2000 were the year letters used for car registration. After 2000 the last number of the year is used.
1992 = N
2000 = Y
2001 = 1
2002 = 2