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Caravan panel fading

Faded body panels-well it happens on GRP and aluminium sides and to bring them back to life again some good quality polish with cutting agent is needed. Use a sponge or soft bristle brush to wash the muck off and then dry and then begin to use the polish. It may take up to six applications to bring back the shine but badly faded ones you won’t get back that new look, it’s generally gone for good. However at least you can improve the overall appearance.

Caravan panels may fade with age

Faded graphics can be replaced by getting a copy of the original and taking it to a printer / graphics shop who should be able to do a close copy of the original for around £10 or perhaps more.

Faded graphics can be replaced

Important Note

When you buy a used touring caravan it is absolutely vital that you check, or if you are not technically competent yourself have checked, the main safety features before you use the caravan. The bearings must be in good condition and be well greased, the tyres must be in good condition and the brakes working properly. Make sure that gas appliances are fully serviced and get a carbon monoxide alarm.

If the visible condition of the caravan indicates that it may not have been well maintained this may be a warning sign that more vital safety features have also not been properly maintained. Build the cost of servicing vital safety features into your budget and have them serviced before you use the caravan.

Consider buying Caravan Insurance

Before you tow your caravan ensure that you have a stabiliser properly fitted to the correct type of hitch. Familiarise yourself with the correct loading method and load your caravan correctly for towing.