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Caravan Interior

The background documentation on the caravan you’re interested in is the icing on the cake once it’s passed your other scrutinising. Check the drawers and if you get a tourer with all its booklets in for the appliances and a few dealer stamps for service then it tells you much about the vans history. Owners who have been careful will usually note all repairs/servicing that’s been carried out over the years and even the original invoice of purchase and dealer bought from new may still be recorded.

Caravan documentation

Check for repairs

So what’s wrong in the following picture then? Well apart from looking for damp inside roof lockers etc also check if the van has been repaired. Check to see if the wall-board matches up and if it doesn’t as this example shows then a repair has taken place. The fact that the board doesn’t match is a minor concern more important is to check that any water ingress has been dried out and repaired correctly so that problems do not arise in the future.

caravan cupboards - repairs