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Caravan sinks and taps

Badly scratched enamel sinks can be annoying – if you can live with it then that’s fine but it’s a case of a getting a replacement sink/drainer. That’s the good thing about stainless steel sink units as they don’t scratch as badly as enamelled coloured ones. Scratched sinks are sometimes the result of leaving plates in when the caravans being towed.

Scratched caravan sink

Older tourers had micro-switch tap units and these after years of use can give trouble. So check these are working – again a dealer will always check and replace where needed. Better to be replaced with a more modern chrome unit too.

Caravan tap

With regard to taps-look for an owner repair such as this. The plastic tap has become split so the owners have put insulation tape over it! Check plastic taps and shower heads for any slight splitting. This is usually caused by the caravan being stored through winter and getting a frost damage with water still trapped in the taps. So under say a week of frosty weather this can freeze the water in the unit and split it!

Caravan tap with dodgy repair