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Avondale Dart 510/5

Dealer Price 2010: £6,995
Year: 2004
Berths: 5
Length: 5.12  m
Width: 2.18 m
MIRO: 1030 kgs
MTPLM: 1250 kgs

Typical tow car: Ford S max TDi

Layout: front end dinette with side kitchen and wardrobe and washroom opposite, rear L shaped dinette.

Coachman Genius Colchester
Avondale’s Darts pre-2006 looked mundane but also check those front and rear panels for cracks.

Pros:  Underfloor spare wheel storage, lightweight, large wardrobe and good kitchen.
Cons: No loose fit carpet, no mains lights, no front roof locker. 

Look out for: Cracked rear and front panels, dealer specials offering more for your cash

One sale at Stewart Longton Caravans 

Extra equipment?  AKS hitch stabilizer or BBQ point

Coachman Genius InteriorL shaped rear end dinette is a good alternative to the double rear dinette.

Jenkinson’s opinion: Avondale’s may no longer exist but they warrant a look at on the used forecourts. The Darts were never over specified but offered a decent spec at an affordable price sticker. GRP front and rear molded panels were fitted to the entry level Darts while a central side gas locker freed up front locker storage. Avondale cleverly fitted the spare wheel storage in the caravan’s floor in its own well. General lightweight construction didn’t affect quality and the interiors were well finished.

The soft furnishings seem to last well while the wardrobe was large with shelves fitted too. Side kitchen doesn’t have a worktop lid leaving sink exposed. Side washroom is compact but has shower and some storage too. L shaped rear dinette was another plus point but you will also find double dinette rears to in the 510/5. So the Dart 510/5 offers a lightweight family tourer with enough practical features to please most. Good examples of the Dart 510/5’s will generally sell on well.

Coachman Genius Kitchen12-volt lighting wasn’t the best, no front full width roof locker was fitted just a shelf.

How to find a good one
Darts were popular tourers for those on a tight budget and offered good towing with light weight. The 510/5 is a good all-round family layout and crops up in private sales. Do check that the service has been carried out and that any cracked front and rear panels have been replaced/repaired. This is an area that Avondale suffered so do check for any problems here.

Again ex Avondale agents will be a source of used Darts generally but we say check the dealer websites. Also look for the dealer specials as they came with lots of goodies on and make the Dart a better tourer than ever. The 510/5 is a worthy buy but on older / pre 2000 models look out for delaminating floors and furniture panel doors coming away.

Free tow car matching service here: Tow Car Matching.

Caravan Insurance on this caravan should be around £150 - £220. Security: If it does not come with a wheel clamp or hitch lock budget around £100 for a good one of these.