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Starter 2 Berth

Avondale Dart/Mayfair 380/2

Dealer Price 2010: £5,995
Year: 2004
Berths: 2
Length: 3.80 m
Width: 2.13 m
MIRO: 842 kgs
MTPLM: 1000 kgs

Typical tow car Vauxhall Astra 1.6

Layout: front end dinette, end kitchen, side corner washroom with adjoining wardrobe, centre chest of drawers.

Avondale Dart Colchester

Pros: Light weight, mains lighting, spacious interior, quality soft furnishings, spare wheel under floor storage.  
Cons: Not built anymore, no kitchen worktop, no seat locker flaps.

Look out for: check end panels for cracking, some furniture panels can come away.  

One on sale at Castle Croft Caravans Manchester

Extra equipment? Do look for some bits left in by last owners, such as awning, towing mirrors.

Avondale Dart Interior

Jenkinson’s opinion: The Darts were a good lightweight range, the 380/2 especially proving so for couples. The end kitchen two berth is a good used buy for older couples especially. Lightweight and compact the little Dart is also easy to store as well. On older models pre – 2002 do check for damp and also for front panel fade. Split end panels can be a problem, look round at the roof and also the front lower panel for cracks.

However the 2004 model here is also a dealer special and that’s a big plus, because they came with such goodies as alloy wheels, exterior mains socket and BBQ point. Interiors saw better quality soft furnishings and chrome furniture handles. The Darts in standard form were good but it’s worth hunting out a dealer special such as the Mayfair’s.  

Avondale Dart Kitchen

How to find a good one
Darts are quite plentiful on dealers forecourts, private too they seem to be readily available. However good Darts sell quickly especially the 380/2, it’s got to be a tatty example for it to stick around for long. If buying private do make sure it’s had a service history and do check for those cracks in the GRP panels. Also check that the spare wheel is still with the van and any extras added are fitted correctly.

Ex-Avondale dealerships are generally a good start to look for a used example, they know what to look for in a good used trade in. What you need to do is make sure that any repair work has been carried out in a professional way. Dealers will do this before they do the deal on the van, but private its down to you. Service history with a tourer brand no longer built is well worth having so that you know that no unexpected bills are lurking.

When we looked for 380’s the few that we found were mainly dealer specials and most sold within a few weeks of going on sale. So once seen and liked don’t hang around as they do as already mentioned sell quickly. Most accessories fitted to the Dart are easy to replace/repair its only panel damage that will be a hard call so do make sure that you don’t buy a badly damaged model even though it may be at a cheap price.

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Caravan Insurance on this caravan should be around £130 - £180. Security: If it does not come with a wheel clamp or hitch lock budget around £100 for a good one of these.