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Starter 2 Berth

Bailey Pageant Imperial

Dealer Price 2010: £5,200
Year: 1999
Berths: 2
Length: 4.72 m
Width; 2.18 m
MIRO: 999 kgs
MTPLM: 1198 kgs

Typical tow car VW Golf SE 2.0TD

Layout: Front dinette with side dresser and kitchen opposite, end washroom.

Bailey Pageant Colchester

Pros: Good kit as standard, lightweight, spacious living area, well finished interior
Cons: Dated upholstery, no flush kitchen tops, no loose fit carpet, washroom looks dated.

Look out for: Delaminated floors, damp in rear corners, faded front panel.

One on sale at: Glossop Caravans

Extra equipment? The Pageant was well specified but some extras to look out for are external mains socket and BBQ point.

Bailey Pageant Interior

Jenkinson’s opinion: The Pageant range back in 1999 was a superb value for money tourer range, the inclusion of mains lights, clock, quality soft furnishings and full oven and sculpted furniture were selling points. It also came without a weight penalty which made the Pageant towable by smaller cars. The interiors were well finished and a certain air of quality reigned supreme in the Pageants. The Imperial is a good two berth with spacious living area but it does feel its age,  but its well worth looking out for though.

Bailey Pageant Kitchen

How to find a good one
The good thing about a Pageant, there’s always one sat on a dealers forecourt, the popular range is keeping its values on the Series 5 models too. It doesn’t seem to matter where you go you can usually find a great used Pageant. Bailey dealers are of course good sources as most Bailey owners stick to the brand. Baileys build quality was pretty good, but some of them don’t come squeaky clean. Some floors are prone to delaminate so check this out, especially near the kitchen area. Also look for tired (little support left) upholstery as Pageants having seen heavy use will more than likely have this trait. The upholstery patterns do look very dated but covers are available that can be used to rectify this issue.

Damp in the rear end back panel can also present itself, so check for spongy side walls. With the sink/drainer units finished in dark brown in the late 90’s models check for bad scratching. The Imperial is a great tourer for two and once the possible pitfalls have been avoided the Imperial is acaravan well worth looking out for. Keep an eye out for the Majestic too, a great L shaped rear end kitchen two berth but if you see a Series 5 Monarch the Imperial replacement its worth considering if you can spare the extra cash.

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Caravan Insurance on this caravan should be around £120 - £170. Security: If it does not come with a wheel clamp or hitch lock budget around £100 for a good one of these.