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Bailey Ranger 470/4

Dealer Price 2010: £4,995
Year: 2000
Berths: 4
Length: 4.70m
Width: 2.19 m
MIRO: 931 kgs
MTPLM: 1160 kgs

Typical tow car: Ford Focus TDCi

Layout: Front end dinette, side kitchen, side washroom and adjoining wardrobe, rear end single dinette with fold up bunk.

Coachman Genius Colchester
Ranger 470/4 is ideal for families who want a well equipped lightweight used buy

Pros: excellent spec, mains lighting, modern upholstery, lightweight.

Cons: no loose fit carpet, no front roof locker, kitchen worktop limited, little else.

Look out for: Some panel fade, delaminated floor, and sagging upholstery.

One on sale at: Castlecroft Caravans 

Extra equipment? Look out for spare wheel and added AKS hitch common items added to Rangers.

Coachman Genius InteriorRoof locker storage is good though no front roof lockers are fitted, clock, mains lights and cocktail cabinet were all standard kit

Jenkinson’s opinion: Rangers were first class entry level tourers, by 2000 the Ranger had become a top seller and rightfully so. The spec level was fantastic including blown air heating, flyscreen on door, clock, cocktail cabinet, mains lights and TV aerial. Interior quality was superb and used all these years on they are still a great buy.

Good model choices across the range with the 470/4 being a great family tourer offering twin single beds at the front or a massive double. It also proves a great van for a couple to who want to use the rear end dinette for meals and the beds made up at the front end. Wardrobe will be ok for four while side roof lockers offer good storage for food etc. Kitchen has 77-litre fridge and full oven while the centre washroom offers good vanity unit with storage for those bathroom essentials.

Coachman Genius KitchenFull oven is fitted but kitchen worktop is not a strong point

How to find a good one
The Ranger is so popular that there are plenty to choose from, although this layout sells quickly off the dealers forecourts. Great choice due to this means you can take your pick but once chosen it’s a case of grabbing it quickly. Do look for damp though around the side wall and ceiling we have come across odd Rangers from pre 2001 with damp in this area. Also check that the seating has still support left some do sag with heavy usage.

Another Ranger area to look at is the floor, make sure the one your after doesn’t feel as though you are walking on a sponge! Floors in earlier Rangers did prove problematic after 2002 they were strengthened but still keep an eye out for this repairable problem. Private deals can be good-you meet the owners too.

Free tow car matching service here: Tow Car Matching.

Caravan Insurance on this caravan should be around £90 - £130. Security: If it does not come with a wheel clamp or hitch lock budget around £100 for a good one of these.