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Starter 2 Berth

Bessacarr Cameo 495

Dealer Price 2010: £6,995
Year: 2001
Berths: 2
Length: 5.09 m
Width: 2.19 mx
MIRO: 1240 kgs
MTPLM:1550 kgs

Typical tow car Kia Sorrento XT

Layout: front end dinette, side kitchen, side dresser and end washroom.

Bessacarr Cameo Colchester

Pros: Superb build, quality feel, excellent spec, brilliant kitchen design.
Cons: Not lightweight, no loose fit carpet, old style Status TV aerial

Look out for: Avoid heavily used examples, pre-2000 models look dated, some delaminating floors, and missing items such as microwave.

One on sale at: Chichester Caravans

Extra equipment? Look out for air conditioning, some retro fitted this expensive extra, also movers to were usually fitted –this will affect the ticket price.

Bessacarr Cameo Interior

Jenkinson’s opinion: Bessacarr's are a luxury tourer and the brand was top of the Swift tree. Pre-2000 models had some quality issues and also look dated. But from 2000 the quality got better and the spec better plus the interiors more modern. The 495 is a popular model and sells quickly off the forecourt, front dinette is very spacious and the side kitchen boasts stacks of worktop and storage. A great buy but a hefty tow car is needed.

Bessacarr Cameo Kitchen

How to find a good one
These tourers were not mass produced as such, they were well made well put together luxury caravans built by Swift. The idea was to create a luxury caravan that would also hold appeal on the used market as well. Finding a 495 can be a little daunting and you may have to have a longer search for used example. Prices have firmed up by £500 plus pounds in Spring 2010.

Bessacarr Cameo interior

 Dealership is the usual answer and again an ex-Bessacarr dealership a good place to go. The Bessacarr has such a good spec that most buyers won’t look at anything else once a Bessacarr is found. Brilliant end washroom is well designed with circular shower unit and decent wardrobe. With no loose fit carpet make sure any bad stains can be cleaned out easily.

Service history should be with the van and most Bessacarr owners are careful so usually make sure their van is annually serviced and any repairs that are carried out are done correctly. Try and gather as much info about the last owner for example were they site wardens (caravans used by wardens can get many years of normal wear in a very short period) and quality models like the Bessacarr Cameo 495 are top choices for people acting as site warden.

Free tow car matching service here: Tow Car Matching.

Caravan Insurance on this caravan should be around £150 - £200. Security: If it does not come with a wheel clamp or hitch lock budget around £100 for a good one of these.