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Starter 2 Berth

Coachman Genius 390/2

Dealer Price 2010: £3,900
Year: 1995
Berths: 2
Length; 3.90 m
Width: 2.13 m

Typical tow car Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDi

Layout: Front dinette with twin singles, side dresser with wardrobe opposite, corner washroom and L shaped end kitchen.

Coachman Genius Colchester

Pros: Great L shaped rear kitchen, good quality build, and deep roof lockers.
Cons: chintzy mains lights, gas only heating, no loose fit carpet.

Look out for: Damp in rear end corners, damaged rear end molded panel, damp in washroom area.

One on sale at Glossop Caravans, Glossop

Extra equipment? Spare wheel/carrier could be fitted, while also exterior mains socket may also have been added.

Coachman Genius Interior

Jenkinson’s opinion: The Genius range ran for just a few years and slotted between Mirage and the VIP ranges. The later ones such as those from 94 were better specified and came with smooth aluminum sides as opposed to the stucco finish on the earlier ones. Coachman Genius’s are a little rarer on the forecourt than say VIP’s and the Mirage’s. Solid build and although rather plain interiors the Genius offers a great end kitchen, roomy side washroom and spacious dinette, check for damp and damaged panels.

Coachman Genius Kitchen

How to find a good one
Check out those used caravan dealer’s forecourts as well as the Coachman dealerships to. Don’t go for the first one you see do look around for good examples. The private sector can be a good place to search but do the usual checks for damp and damaged molded front and rear panels. Chassis were Al-Ko so no worries there but body panels will be hard to replace. Check for any servicing records and last owners. The Genius was more likely to be owned by older couples so general usage should have been careful.

Look for any diy add-ons though to make sure these have been added correctly and safely to. Odd ones I have come across have seen owners add a side aluminum TV aerial mast bracket-check this has been well sealed and hasn’t introduced water ingress. Furniture usually stands up well with age, but look out for add-on owner items such as hooks and holders that can be removed abruptly and damage the finish.

Look hard and with care and you can find a cracking Genius 390/2, generally solid build this two berth has one of the best end kitchens of its time to with brilliant cupboard storage. Due to the dark colour of the sink/drainer it can show up all the scratches if badly damaged.

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Caravan Insurance on this caravan should be around £90 - £130. Security: If it does not come with a wheel clamp or hitch lock budget around £100 for a good one of these.