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Starter 2 Berth

Fleetwood Colchester 1150/2

Dealer Price 2010: £3,450
Year: 1994
Berths: 2
Length: 3.56 m
Width: 2.13 m
MIRO:  748 kgs
MTPLM: 1,002 kgs

Typical tow car Golf 1.6fsi

Layout: front end dinette, end kitchen, side corner washroom with adjoining wardrobe

Fleetwood Colchester

Pros: Light weight, mains lighting, oven, spacious interior,
Cons: Not built anymore, some parts harder to source, small side dresser.

Look out for: delaminating floors, damp in rear corners, furniture edging coming away. Retro fitted extras –are they correctly added?

One on sale at Castle Croft Caravans Manchester

Extra equipment? Do look for some bits left in by last owners, such as non standard items such as radio/CD player or awning.

Fleetwood Interior

Jenkinson’s opinion: Fleetwood’s offered a generally good quality tourer, the top Colchester range gave a decent spec too. Against the other used competition they are distinctive in looks and interiors have a homely feel about them. Do check them over for damaged trim (may not be easy to replace) and you may want to change the chintzy mains lighting for modern units too! Chassis units used were the excellent BPW so spares for this will be still obtainable.

Fleetwood Kitchen

How to find a good one
The compact Colchester is a great starter tow berth, the van is light enough to be towed by a Focus while they feel spacious inside. Roof locker storage abounds and seating comfort generally lasts well. Most tourers of this age do feel dated and one thing was for sure Fleetwood’s were never a modern looking tourer when new, they always felt a little old fashioned.

End kitchen came with fridge and oven while hot water and mains lighting was also on the standard kit list. Even a drinks cabinet came with Fleetwood to so adding a further touch of class. General finish was good but gaps between furniture and wall isn’t uncommon even up to later Fleetwood’s. You may have to do some sourcing for any trim damage so make sure this can be done if you're looking at one which does need some work carrying out to it.

We say the best place to find your Colchester is to look at ex-Fleetwood dealerships and of course the internet. Check dealer’s forecourts but make sure the van is still there before you set out to look at it. Private – make sure you do the usual checks for ownership, services and general wear and tear problem areas. Otherwise well cared for examples will give good service, plus most mid size hatch’s will tow the 1150/2 with comparative ease. Free tow car matching service here: Tow Car Matching.

Caravan Insurance on this caravan should be around £80 - £100. Security: If it does not come with a wheel clamp or hitch lock budget around £100 for a good one of these.