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Bailey Ranger 510/4 L

Dealer Price 2010: £7,195
Year: 2004
Berths: 4
Length: 5.06  m
Width: 2.19 m
MIRO: 1053 kgs
MTPLM: 1277 kgs

Typical tow car: Citroen Picasso C3 2.HDi

Layout: L shaped front dinette, side kitchen with side single dinette opposite and end washroom.

Coachman Genius Colchester
Rangers from 03 came with one-piece front windows – check for split end panels though.

Pros: Good spec for cash, large rear washroom, quality feel, lightweight, excellent kitchen, loose fit carpet.

Cons:    no triple front windows, no mains lights.

One on sale at:

Extra equipment? AKS hitch, spare wheel, exterior mains socket.

Coachman Genius InteriorL shaped front dinette in 510-L Ranger is ideal for family gatherings, check upholstery though for sagging.

Jenkinson’s opinion: The Ranger from 2003/4 was a super range of tourers for those wanting a new entry level caravan but with a few extra bits. The Ranger was a hard act to beat with good solid build and a quality interior that could have been used in more expensive models. The wood finish was superb and the Ranger came with quality loose fit carpet too. Blown heating, clock, wine bottle chrome holder and good lighting levels are all excellent features. Seating was good too, and you also had a full oven and large fridge.

The front L shaped lounge provides an excellent social area for the family, while the side kitchen came with excellent worktop plus storage. The side single dinette has a large side window and will seat two adults as well as children. The end washroom is extremely practical with walk – in shower, wardrobe and plenty of floor space. Storage under the hand basin was another plus in the Rangers washroom. A great tourer that will usually always find a buyer.

Coachman Genius KitchenExcellent roof locker storage with shelf below side kitchen has brilliant worktop.

How to find a good one
You won’t have to look far for a used Ranger from this particular model year, the 510/4 L is a little harder to find than the conventional parallel front lounge seating. However plenty Rangers find there way on none Bailey dealer forecourts so finding one will be easy. Look out for split end front and rear panels. These can be split and hard to find the crack and water can enter for several years. So check out for damp at the rear and front while the general build remains good.

Check for servicing and also the floors that can still delaminate so check for this too. Dedicated Bailey dealerships will have generally good stocks of used Ranger models. Due to good amounts being on forecourts it’s the case of don’t rush into buying the first one, check other examples for the best one.

Free tow car matching service here: Tow Car Matching.

Caravan Insurance on this caravan should be around £150 - £220. Security: If it does not come with a wheel clamp or hitch lock budget around £100 for a good one of these.