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Caravan Safety

This web site provides you with some information aimed at helping you to avoid common pitfalls when buying a used touring caravan, it does not provide all of the information that you might need and you must seek professional help to ensure that the caravan that you purchase is of a suitable quality for your needs. It is recommended that you do an HPI check on a caravan before you commit to purchase and that you ensure that all of the key safety features including tyres, brakes, suspension, bearings, road lights, electrical and gas systems are properly serviced prior to you using any caravan you do purchase. If you are in any doubt as to what items require servicing from a safety point of view you must ask a reputable caravan servicing centre to undertake this work for you prior to using the caravan. Do not take risks with your own and your family's safety.

Calor provide information on gas safety here. The Caravan Club has technical information sheets available here, we recommend that you download and read any that are applicable to you.

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