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Buying a used touring caravan

Buying any vehicle used can become a daunting task-choosing the right one at the right price and making sure that you get a good buy for your money and also you simply don’t get ripped off! Well here we have a guide to help you chose a tourer that isn’t a rotting shed on wheels. Although your budget will be the main decider on the condition of tourer you choose, even the later model years on the used forecourt will need some closer examination. Try and get some background on your choice, such as service history and any repair work carried out. This will give you the buyer some indication on how the caravans been used and looked after over its lifetime. Also don’t forget to check your tow cars towing and kerb weight limits. Try and stick to an 85% ratio – recommended but not law!

Good used caravan

We look at the exterior and show you what to check for and also interiors too. If you do your homework and take your time and read our “What to look for sections” then your chances of avoiding the pitfalls are for the better. Damp, missing road lights and scratched sinks will tell you a lot. So get ready to shed some shoe leather and check out what’s on offer in used tourers.

If you’re not sure about being confident to buy private and funds are limited then it’s the dealer’s forecourt for you. Private buys can prove a good move but also a bad one too. Take along someone who knows what to look for and also don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding servicing and any repairs that may have been carried out. Also ask the seller for proof of ownership. Don’t forget, older tourers will have more possible problems to look out for and with a private buy you don’t have the comeback associated with a dealer.

A dealer will make sure the van is safe for towing and the gas/electrics will also be checked for safety, but it’s down to keeping your eyes peeled for badly stained carpets, missing taps and delaminating floors. On cheaper tourers dealers will have a notice in the window telling the would be buyer that the van will need work carried out to make it fully useable. On newer tourers dealers will give a limited warranty. In some cases manufacturer’s warranties will be valid, but private sales on newer models may also still have a makers warranty but check it’s transferable, and that the servicing schedule has been kept up by the owner.

Good clean touring caravan interior

So much to look out for then when it comes to buying a used touring caravan, but as mentioned earlier it doesn’t have to be a to daunting task and taking care in doing our checks and you will get yourself a good pre-owned tourer that will give you years of touring pleasure. So let our expert guide you in getting that perfect model. One word of warning though-damp testers are a good tool, but like anything if miss-used false readings (such as condensation being read) may see you reject a van that’s perfectly dry! So take your time and were sure you will get a cracking buy!