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Caravan wiring

We’ve seen some wiring left like this on newer used tourers never mind older ones. Usually a last owner has decided they don’t want to leave the radio or whatever behind so some virtually rip them out leaving a trail of tangled wiring which is not only unsightly but could prove a hazard. So make sure this is checked out before you use the caravan – again a dealer will make sure the van is safe and give it a check before despatch so this wiring will be tided and made safe.

exposed wiring that may be dangerous

DIY is not always a great idea. One problem can be that the owner has decided to add both a radio aerial and a bracket to put a TV aerial on. If the holes have not been properly sealed then the whole project is a recipe for disaster. We have seen many a great used buy spoilt by a poor piece of work such as this. So again check out any holes that have been drilled through the side to make sure no water has managed to enter the vans walls.